What can Holy Trinity offer me?

Multicultural worship experience
Our worship services offer you an opportunity to experience our Lord’s love and power in a style of worship that is multi-lingual, multi-age, multi-traditional style—rich in diversity, and with a freedom to express oneself in one’s own unique way.

The warmth of a loving family
We are passionate about being God’s family and we prioritise “family” in our teaching and our values. We run various courses and programmes that aim to strengthen & equip healthy marriages and family life. We also have strong ministries to men and women and have established men’s & women’s fellowship groups to embody this ministry. We also have a teen youth group that meets twice a month.

Diverse Rich Fellowship
We have a number of connect groups (cell groups) which are drawn from the rich diversity of our people and which gives our people an opportunity to fellowship and share regularly with one another in a non-threatening home setting. We also arrange a number of fun events to bring our one big family together.

An Abundance of growth opportunities
We are a Bible based, Spirit filled and led church, which is committed to help our people grow. We provide regular and ongoing Bible based teaching in our services, together with courses such as ALPHA, Heartbeat and Positioned for Blessing, and our schools of leadership, Healing and Discipleship.

Risk friendly environment to serve
We believe that every believer should be given the opportunity to serve our Lord with their God given gifts. We provide required teaching and ongoing mentoring in the variety of gifts and ministries that our Lord gives to the church through His Spirit. The Shape Course and our New Wine Retreats are two of the tools.

Passion for Young People
We are committed to creating space and opportunities for all our young people to grow in a young people passionate church. We provide
various groups and connection opportunities for our young people of all ages to fellowship and grow. We  cater for young people from infant age through to young adults.

A Church geared for the Market Place
We are deeply committed to the community around us and indeed our city and beyond—wherever people need Jesus’ love and grace. Our main thrust is our Community Centre, which includes an After Care and Computer Centre. Our Mom & Baby Clinic will start running again soon. We are currently running various projects that help feed and clothe needy and destitute members of our community in Central and our wider community.



We would love to welcome you into our Church Family. We trust that you will feel part of our family – and we will do our best to let you feel that way. We pride ourselves in the truth of our slogan – “The Church with the heart on the Hill” – not because we are superior to others but because we realised that we are all broken people in need of our Father’s love.