The destruction of Jericho

Project Update – 22/07/2020
22nd Jul 2020
3rd Aug 2020

Good morning HTC family,

Today I’d like to focus on two lessons we can learn from the march around and the destruction of Jericho in Joshua chapters 6-7. The Lord really spoke so clearly to me through this very moving story. I believe this historical and defining story really speaks to our modern-day Jericho’s.

The first lesson we can learn is from the peculiar 7-day march around the city is: they marched around the city in silence, once a day, for the first six days – ‘Joshua commanded the people… ‘You shall not shout or make any noise with your voice… until the day I say to you, “shout’’… so they did it for six days.’ (Joshua 6:10-14). Why did they do this? What was the Lord’s purpose in asking them to do it? It seems that the peculiar march, day after day, without any apparent result, was a test of their obedience and trust in the Lord (Psalm 37:34).

Great victories follow long periods of waiting for the Lord, learning to prove our trust in the Lord, through our unwavering obedience to His will and command. Likewise, today, we would do well to focus on patient obedience to the Lord’s will and ways, rather than reckless and angry words and reactions to all that is
happening around us. Then we will know His joy in the day of battle.

The second lesson is found in the leading of the ark and the continual trumpet blowing for the seven days. Prior to the shout and the walls falling down: ‘seven priests bearing seven trumpets of ram’s horns before the ark of the Lord went on continually and blew with the trumpets.’ (Joshua 6:13). This act of continuous blowing of the trumpets prior to the shout of victory and the walls coming down, illustrates again the incredible power of worship.

There is a line in a well known chorus, where we sing, ‘I’m going to praise my way through this battle’. Worship is declaration! It tells the enemy how mighty and awesome our God is. As we worship, fear is silenced, doubts are overwhelmed, strongholds come down. With what we face in this current season, let’s praise our way through it all, and expectantly wait for the victory that the Lord will give us.

Prayer and praise are the two most powerful spiritual responses and indeed spiritual disciplines, that we should embrace in this current season of challenge, change and uncertainty. If we do, we will share in the Israelites’ experience of seeing the Lord fighting for us, for the battle is His (2 Chronicles 20:15).

Bless you all,

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