Cast Iron Roaster
11th Sep 2014

Why Nouvelle?

Nouvelle specialises in high quality cast iron products made from selected sand-cast with the finest molten iron which makes each piece truly unique. Nouvelle cookware features top quality multicoated porcelain enamel fired at up to 1400 degrees.

Each piece undergoes individual hand finishing to create beautiful heirloom pieces of cookware. All our products are covered by a Standard Guarantee.

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Health Benefits

Enjoy Chemical-Free Cooking

The use of Perfluorocarbon (PFC) is a really effective non-stick coating that keeps food from sticking. Unfortunately, these harsh chemicals do leach into your food over some time during the cooking process. This is the benefit and beauty of Nouvelle Cast-iron Cookware, providing your food is seasoned correctly it naturally offers non-stick cooking, giving you stress-free cooking experience.

Cook with Less Oil

With the benefit of non-stick cooking, it reduces the need for excessive oil during cooking! This alone will encourage using healthier oils and give you the freedom to spend more time focusing on the seasoning of your food.

Even Heat Distribution

Ideal for various cooking styles

Cast iron pans are noticeably heavier and their weight is part of their magic, allowing them to hold heat longer than most other pans. This works well, whether you’re searing a steak at a high temp, or simmering a stew on low. If you don’t have the most reliable stove, a cast iron pan can help prevent you from accidentally burning dinner. Once a cast-iron pan is hot, it will stay that way much more effectively than stainless steel.

Solid Die-Cast
Iron Cookware

Robust and long lasting.

Cast iron's ability to withstand and maintain very high cooking temperatures, makes it very robust and durable, allowing it to be dishwashers and freezer safe. The enamel glaze prevents cookware from rusting and makes it easier to clean.