Holy Trinity Admin

16th Nov 2021

Wanted : Authentic Christians

Dear HTC family and friends, Today’s desperate and confused world needs authentic Christians to stand up.  By ‘authentic’ I mean Christians who are real and genuine. […]
27th Oct 2021

Jesus is enough for everyone, all the time

Dear HTC family and friends, What always saddens me, is to see how we, Christians, make our Lord seem so small. Our reactions, our attitudes, our […]
12th Oct 2021

Mens Breakfast 9 October 2021

We had a lovely get together with all the HTC men as we listened to an incredible sharing from Dave Skevington. What a wonderful time !
12th Oct 2021

Our Baby Room

We are so happy to announce that our baby room was completed and unveiled on Sunday the 10th of October. Mom’s and Dad’s can now have […]
12th Oct 2021

Jesus, Only Jesus

Dear HTC family and friends, Increasingly the Church, and indeed Christians in general, are becoming more and more distracted from our central and core focus, which […]
18th Sep 2021

“According to His Will and for His Glory”

Rector’s Blog: 15 September 2021 “According to His Will and for His glory” Dear HTC family and friends, I have just come back from two weeks […]
29th Aug 2021

HTC Birthday’s for 1 – 12 September

29th Aug 2021

HTC Gets Vaccinated !

We are so proud of our members who have been vaccinated and here are some pictures of their beautiful faces!
19th Aug 2021

19 August 2021 – Grace Filled Truth

Rector’s Blog: 19 August 2021 “Grace-filled truth” Dear HTC Family and friends, One of the most debated and most misunderstood relationship in the Christian faith, is […]
13th Aug 2021

Updated Project List

Please find attached all our latest projects that we are a part of as the HTC family! Please do support where you are able to. For […]
24th Jun 2021

Words that Speak Life or Words that Speak Death?

Dear HTC Family and friends, The tongue is an incredibly powerful tool that the Lord has entrusted to us. The writer of Proverbs reminds us of […]
26th May 2021

Unforgiveness – The Silent Killer

Dear HTC Family and friends, In recent times, I have been more aware of how many of us still live out our lives, out of a […]