Hi Dear friends,

I meet and counsel so many people today who are either looking for the quick fix or chasing the mountain top experiences.  As I pray for these people in my counseling of them, the message from the Lord, for them and indeed for all of us who want to know Jesus and follow Him is this: Keep it simple, be consistent and just do the basic well.

The basics for us who want to follow Jesus is this: to do what He has told us to do – to be faithful in daily prayer and reading of the Word of God (make time for the Lord every day to read His Word and to pray), to be regular in worship with the family of God, to fellowship regularly with God’s people (our cell groups etc), to honour the Lord with our first fruits by giving back to Him a tithe (10%) of our income, our time, our resources etc and to be faithful in witnessing to what the Lord is doing in our lives.  Go to the Word of God and you will see what I am saying is true.  Start by reading these passages: Acts 2:42-47/ Acts 4: 32-37/ Mal 3: 6-12.

This is what the Lord tells us to do and it is clear that when we obey Him in these basic things, He will sustain us, He will lead us and He will fulfill and add to our lot in life.  He also says that if we are faithful in these basic things He has asked us to do, He will entrust us with greater things ( Matt 25:21-23).

The big highs and mountain top experiences will take care of themselves.  Let you and I just get the basic right first and leave the rest to the Lord.

May our Lord Jesus bless you today as you seek to honour Him in this way.  Remember his promise: those who honour me, I will honour (1 Samuel 2:30)